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Emma van G
foto van Emma+van+G
Hair: Brown
Height: 160-170
Look: The Netherlands
Size: 164
Sports: Ballet, Modern dance
Age: 13 year
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Talents: Emma has been doing rhythmic gymnastics for about 7 years on a high level. She is
very flexible and atletic because of this. She also has dancetraining because of this
(classic ballet and modern).

Experience: Emma has been doing several photoshoots over the last 2 years, for example for: Vingino, Braqeez, Scapino and Knipkids.
She has being playing in the schoolmusicals and a local one. She also has been an extra in: de Luizenmoeder and Flikken Rotterdam.

Hair: brown

Eye: brown

Height: 165 cm

Size: 164

Shoe: 37